Scandavia Commission Carrd

Discord: #Scandavia1907

Commission Info

Via here! by commissioning with me we both agree to my terms and condition. Please take a look at my portofolio below!

Headshot B&W commission


  • Neck to head

  • Plain Background

  • Only single character

Bust up B&W commission


  • Bust to head

  • Plain background

  • Additional $15 for complex background

Colourful Bust up commission


  • Bust to head

  • $45 for plain background

  • Additional $10 for background like in the example

Terms & COndition

Don't :

  • Furry

  • NSFW

  • Mecha

  • FFXIV Ultimate Weapon

  • Couple pose

  • Overly complex/cpmplicated pose

  • Gore

  • If you are interested please contact me on my discord or e-mail

  • If you wish to be put in the waiting list, let me know about it!

  • Give me descriptive details of the pose, moods, vibe, or anything that you want me to put into the work and I'll draw them as close as possible to your vision.

  • Photo reference highly appreciated!

  • You can have discussion with me about the background and a lot of references highly appreciated!

  • Major revision 1 time only

  • Minor revision 3 times only

  • You will only receive the sketch draft before finishing the 50% upfront payment.

Work estimation

  • It takes a week or two to finish 1 illustration

  • Will try to keep an update if i have to delay because IRL things

  • The image will be send in gdrive/discord


  • Only accept paypal and local Indonesian bank

  • For Indonesian peeps, the price rate is 10,000 IDR * 1 USD